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Service is the keystone of Stein Ancillary Services. We have built a foundation from solid ideals that expect each therapist to administer the best service available while keeping your facility's goals in mind.

Service is more than a program. It's more than an add-on benefit for your assisted living center. Service is what each of your clients depend upon when they are trying to re-gain their independence. With one call to Stein Ancillary Services, you can raise the standard and exceed the expectations of your clients.


Physical Therapy
Our staff of Physical Therapists will deliver care to residents in areas such as range of motion, gait training, ambulation assistance, wound care, muscular re-education, and other areas of post trauma or post operative care. We are available to deliver care seven days a week and work closely with all physicians and nurses. Our goals are to get the resident back to their highest level of function through an inter-disciplinary approach with the nursing staff.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapists will focus on the activities of daily living for all the residents. The goal is to get the residents as independent as possible through working closely with them as well as the nursing staff. We also have special programs to assist in problems such as contracture management, positioning, and stroke recovery programs.


Speech Therapy
Speech Therapists will attend to the needs of residents in regards to swallowing issues, cognitive skills, memory programs, and other key issues for the elderly. These therapists work closely with all physicians in setting up and implementing the resident's plan of care.

At Stein Ancillary Services, we also customize our contracts to meet the needs of the facilities we service. Part A services are set up in one of two main options: Per Diem and Per Minute Charge. Part B services are billed most frequently as a portion of the Medicare Fee schedule.

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